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About Dr. Jarl Kleinman

Jarl Kleinman, D.C., has practiced chiropractic in Kentucky since 2004. He is passionate about helping the body heal as quickly, efficiently, and naturally as possible.

Dr. Kleinman graduated in 2001 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has extensive clinical experience in class IV laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), Cox flexion/distraction as well as other adjusting and soft tissue techniques.

He received his B.S. degree in microbiology from Northern Arizona University and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. He left private practice in Montana in 2004 and moved to Louisville, Kentucky to be closer to family. He has been in private practice in Louisville Kentucky since 2004 and has gained varied experience in working with other chiropractors in the area. He has been formally trained in manual and mechanical techniques to cater to both frail and stout patients, treating patients as young as 3 days old to 98 years old.

Dr. Kleinman has learned that many of the chronic problems we suffer from as we age, tend to be magnified when we allow years of small and seemingly insignificant, traumatic events to build up and cause wear and tear on our bodies. The biggest impact on health can be made when chiropractic protocols are used to make corrections to younger and more malleable patients.

Currently Dr. Kleinman is the archery coach for Eastern High School and Crosby Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the coach for the 2015 national NASP women’s archery champion, who is also his daughter. He has developed a protocol to improve the biomechanics of archers. He uses this protocol regularly to improve balance and muscular symmetry. Dr. Kleinman, a long time archer himself, states that archers tend to develop uneven build due to using the same muscles over and over through repetition. This muscle and joint imbalance, tends to lead to a loss in mental focus and overall balance problems which are critical when making every shot count. He tends to be very gentle, but effective in his approach.

Dr. Kleinman loves his Maker, Family, and Country, and wants to help curb human suffering in the world.

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